It is our great pleasure to announce an international symposium in drug development to be held in Seoul, 15-16 November, 2006. With the subject of “Modeling & Simulation in Drug Development and Clinical Applications”, the symposium will discuss the latest methodologies in pharmacometrics areas including pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynmics (PKPD), and will be hosted by Yonsei University Clinical Trials Center.

With the progress in pharmacometrics, modeling and simulation approaches have become central to a mechanistic understanding of the characteristics of a drug. These approaches have been increasingly important as an alternative to reduce time and cost needed for drug development.

With the recent trend toward multinational clinical trials, Asian countries have risen as new strategic areas for drug development, along with the nation-wide support and investment. In Korea, for example, through the government support, the drug development industry and related infrastructure have been growing rapidly.

In this regard, we hope this symposium will contribute to enhancing Asian countries’ role in the global drug development market and to providing an opportunity of exchanging mutual interests between Western and Asian countries in this particularly important area.

Seoul, the symposium venue, is an active society with passionate and friendly people, and will present you a cultural experience of a mixture of old tradition and hi-technology.

Thank you in advance for your participation and general support.


Kyungsoo Park, PhD, MD
Organizing Committee
PKPD Yonsei 2006

Min Soo Park, MD
Clinical Trials Center
Yonsei University Medical Center

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