Severance Hospital was the founder of modern medical science in Korea with the establishment of Kwang Hye Won in 1885 by Dr. Horace N. Allen, missionary doctor, and has been serving the national health for the last?120 years as the leading organization among the medical institutions in this country.

In pursuit of the quality improvement of medical service through the specialization of medical examinations and treatments for the first time in Korea, Severance Hospital manages the Cancer Center, Rehabilitation Hospital, Cardiovascular Hospital, EYE & ENT Hospital, Child and Adolescent Clinic, Emergency Care Center, Diabetes Center, Allergy Clinic, and Stroke Intensive Care Unit. In addition, Severance Hospital has created a new medical culture focused on customers through the investigation of a customer satisfaction survey, Quality Improvement(QI) Division management and Service Manual manufacture, following the first Korean promulgation of the 'Patient's Bill of Rights' in 1993.

SeveranceHospital, the leading proponent of medical service in Korea for the last century, practices the love of God that is the founding spirit of the hospital. The hospital continuously strives to secure international competitive power through a concentrated devotion to raising the level of medical examination and treatment, to lead the advancement of medical techniques through constant education and researches, and to make a practice of love for human beings through offers of advanced medical services and the realization of the patient satisfaction.


Eun Myeong Auditorium
* Location: 6thfloor in SeveranceHospital
* Seating capacity : 500 seats


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